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The beaches in Las Terrenas

Beaches in Las Terrenas are like no other!

The Dominican Republic is lined with more than 1600 km of beaches. Those of the Peninsula of Samana count among the most beautiful of the country and offer you spectacular diversity.

Only in Las Terrenas, you will have the choice between small hidden creeks and long beaches lined with coconut palms. You can participate in numerous water sports such as surfing, kite surfing, sailing and diving or just enjoy the pleasure of pure relaxation. Every beach in Las Terrenas has its own unique character that offers you a diverse range of beautiful experiences.


Playa Poppy « The most lively beach of Las Terrenas »

La playa Poppy – some people write it also playa Poppi or Popi, it is known for its beautiful clear water, with a myriad of contrasting colours from turquoise to cobalt blue. This is a lively beach with numerous bars and restaurants.
The beach is frequented by residents, Foreign tourists as well as Dominicans from the capital who come to spend the weekend in Las Terrenas.


Playa Las Terrenas «The fish market»

It is here that the fishermen come back in their small boats with their early morning catch, then display it for all to see! You can buy fresh fish such as Dorado, Red Snapper and Tuna to mention but a few, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, Squid plus many more varieties found in our beautiful local waters. Or taste these products in one of the small restaurants close to the waters edge.


Playa Portillo « The kite surfing Beach »

A lovely beach of fine sand , Portillo is the meeting place of the kite surfers both beginners and advanced will enjoy themselves. The kite surfing schools have their lessons there.

Playa Las Ballenas « The Fishermen’s village Beach »

Playa Ballenas starts from the Fishermen’s village and extends up to a small river. This is a quiet beach with clear water where you can practice water sports such as diving, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing etc. Playa Ballenas offers a beautiful view of the “Cayos las Ballenas” a group of small islands that look like the shape of whales, Hence the name “Las Ballenas” means The Whales!

Playa Bonita « The Surfers Beach »

Playa Bonita is known for its beautiful waves and its little river which gives access to a lovely protected beach. The surfers meet with each other on this beach to have fun in waves. On the left side of the main beach, Punta Bonita offers extraordinary quiet and crystal clear waters.

Playa Escondida « The hidden Beach »

From Playa Bonita, take a little pedestrian path and reach this superb deserted beach of fine sand. Tranquility guaranteed.

Playa Coson « The wild beach »

Long white sand beach, lined by coconut palms, Playa Coson extends to some 9 km. Wild and uncrowned , it is the ideal place for long walks on foot or on horse back. You will find some small restaurants on the beach where you can enjoy a good food from local catch of the day to international cuisine in an idyllic environment.

For those who would like to discover even more beaches, the peninsula of Samana counts these amongst others as magnificent beaches! Playa Jackson, Playa Rincon, Playa Colorada, Playa Caleton, Playita, Playa Madame, Playa El Valle, Playa Ermitaño…

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